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Hi there! ^3000 My name is Michael Marcelino! ^3000 Welcome to my digital portfolio! ^1000 ^3000 I am an aspiring web developer and programmer, who loves to create the most amazing projects! ^3000 Development and coding truly are the ultimate playground! ^3000

* Days until vernissage



Heya, my name is Michael! To put it plainly, I love to code! Yes, that means I do this for fun and not just for school! For hours at a time, I love to just learn and plunge myself into a bottomless pit of code (it's funner than it sounds). I even surprise myself sometimes with what I can create!



A collection of my best work! No, it's not just web stuff. I can do other stuff too like... design and animate stuff. Oh ya, I can also make kickass games with Unity! Each item in my portfolio contains a brief explanation of what they are and how I created them. If you would like to read and view my complete portfolioyou can download it below. If you want to download a specific piece, you can do so by clicking the one you like in the carousel to the right, and upon closing the expanded image you will get prompted to download that individual piece.

Download my PDF Portolio



Look at everything I've learned up to now mom! Are you proud of me?



1507 Avenue des Nenuphars

438 883 6290